How a Medical Marijuana Card can Save you from Getting Busted.

Busted for Pot in California?  Really?

Photo - Busted for Pot in California? Really?

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Possessing or growing Weed in California without a legit Medical Recommendation or permit is downright Stupid. 


If you smoke pot to relieve stress, pain, anxiety or have another condition, for a few bucks, you can get a legal Recommendation Online for Marijuana Marijuana.  A Recommendation allows patients to legally purchase, cultivate, transport, use MMJ to meet their personal needs.


Many complacent Marijuana users are not fully aware that - there is a significant chance they can get busted for Medical Marijuana - the associated costs can easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars.  A simple possession charge-  for a little more than an ounce - can get you six months in the county slammer.  Heaven forbid that your small personal-only grow operation is seen as something else by the wrong folks.


According to the law - California Health and Safety Code 11360 HS relating to marijuana - it unlawful to:

  • transport for sale
  • import into California
  • sell
  • furnish
  • administer
  • give away
  • or offer


Medical Marijuana was legalized under Proposition 215, or California's Compassionate Use Act of 1996.   Under Proposition 215, legal medical marijuana users and their primary caregivers are exempt from laws prohibiting:

  • simple possession
  • cultivation
  • transport
  • administration

The exemption applies if - and only if - the marijuana is:

  • for the patient's personal use
  • in an amount reasonably related to the patient's current medical needs
  • not exempt, if user sells marijuana, or possess or cultivate more than is reasonable for medical use



A legal online Recommendation for Medical Marijuana only costs about $50 and ID Card, another $20. In this article we discuss - How your MMJ ID can be your Get out of Jail Free Card.  We also explain how an MMJ card also save you money, stress and access the better medical pot out there.


A lot of decent Californians that smoke and grow pot - do not have a legal permit. Call it complacency, laziness, stupidity, what have you; without a Medical Recommendation from a licensed doctor or Grower's Permit, you are risking getting your ass in a heap of trouble. 


Getting Busted for Marijuana in Cali

In California last year there were 20,000 felonies and about 100,000 misdemeanors for Marijuana - many cases involved small timers with a few plants and ounces.  At first glance, you might say, no problem; It's like one in a thousand of getting caught and even if - the fine will be small.  This kind of thinking is out of Disneyland.  For every official Marijuana case, about 20 or so people are detained by law enforcement, briefly at least.  Over the past 10 years, there were 7, 000,000 million official Cannabis enforcement events in California.  So, in reality, if you smoke pot, you're probably going to bump into the law at some point. When you do, you'll need to do some talking.


"Law enforcement officers made just over 700,000 arrests on marijuana-related charges in 2014, according to data released by the FBI on Monday. Of that total, 88.4 percent — or about 619,800 arrests — were made for marijuana possession alone." 

"While the national conversation about marijuana continued to shift in 2014, with recreational weed laws fully in effect in Colorado and Washington — and measures to legalize the plant being passed in Washington, D.C., Oregon and Alaska — the year also saw a reversal in a seven-year trend of largely declining possession arrests."



Law Enforcement Encounters

Equipped with valid MMJ-ID and knowing what to say will mitigate arrest, hassle and detention in the vast majority of cases.


Neutralize Rats

Ex-lovers, former friends, enemies, Nazi condo council and other lovelies - can't nail you in when you're legal.


Public Protection

We're only human. Knowing how to express your rights and having MMJ-ID will go a long way to effectively dealing with public indiscretions.

Get Access to the Best Medical Marijuana Products

To get full access to all the great Medical Cannabis products out there you need documentation - a valid Doctor's Recommendation.  Click here to apply online.

Smoking a pesticide is pretty bad news folks. You want good chemical free herb, so find a grower-dispenser that tests for mold, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. . You definitely want to know the Cannabinoid profile, which must include THC and CBD. 


Dispensaries, Clubs and Deliveries

A valid Physician's MMJ Recommendation allows access to all licensed Cannabis dispensaries, clubs and suppliers in California.  Always demand a current certificate of analysis proving that your Medical Pot is clean with the right potency.


Quotes to the Point

“If the pesticide is inhaled, then this is quite worrisome.” - Dr. Beate Ritz


"A 35-year-old man is charged with possessing marijuana after his girlfriend called 911 and said she was tired of him smoking pot all day instead of working." - AP


"There’s a pretty considerable amount of contaminated cannabis.” - Jeff Raber, California dispenser


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Table - Penalties and Fines for Medical Marijuana



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